Jeffreys Bay Craft Brewery’s lineup of craft beer (aka. Jbay CB), is inspired by the combination of top quality locally sourced ingredients, infused with the combination of the unique environment and legacy of Jeffreys Bay, the history of surfing in South Africa, and a surfers stoke, hence the slogan – “Beer Brewed for Surfers, by Surfers”.

Whether you’re a surfer or not, deep down inside there is always the mysteriousness of what it feels like to be succumbed by the power of the ocean and for those whom have had the opportunity, the memory of racing down the line on a wave face at Jeffreys Bay. This is the liquid-stoke which JBay CB wants to encapsulate in its lineup of craft beers.

The eye-catching label designs have been inspired by the natural color palette of the indigenous Aloe vegetation and the surrounding beach environment of the Eastern Cape of South Africa. JBay, being a world renown surfing destination, with its string of right-hand point breaks, seemed a clear fit by JBay CB founder, Bruce Tavenor and family, for the main concept of the craft beer labels and beer names.

Jbay CB will also be paying tribute to South African surfing legend who shaped the first foam surfboards in the country, John Whitmore aka. “The Oom” and to Captain Jeffreys, legendary to JBay after sailing past the bay on many trade expeditions during the 1840’s and eventually landing in the Bay in the 1850’s. Jbay CB’s goal is to re-ignite the spirit and the passion of these legends contribution to the history of Jeffreys Bay and how it shaped surfing in South Africa (Click here for more info).

JBay CB’s aim and investment into the Jeffreys Bay town is well explained by Whitmore’s life message,”What you put in …is what you get back”. “He put EVERYTHING in”, Sian, Whitmore’s daughter comments. This has always been a dream in the making of Bruce Tavenor’s, well respected Chemical Engineer, Brew Technician and the master-mind behind JBay CB.

Bruce is hoping to give back to the town after a lifetime of happy memories, joy and inspiration that the town has brought to him, by investing his life’s dream into the town as Captain Jeffreys once did for Jeffreys Bay. The purchase of 33 Jeffreys Street in 2015 and the construction of a full blown craft brewery, brew pub and restaurant by Tavenor in the Jeffreys Bay Surf Village in 2016, will soon be able to produce up to 40 000 litres of craft beer a month in 2017.

The brew pub and restaurant will serve a variety of gourmet tapas, burgers and pizzas accompanied by beer tastings and live music from our Backstreet Stage. JBay CB’s visitors will soon be able to enjoy a selection of our themed evenings such as the Traditional Zimbo Braai, or the Weskus-Style Seafood braai, under the stars around the JBay CB fire pit.

JBay CB is hoping to satisfy the craving of any craft beer fundy and thirsty surfer, as well as give a lifetime of many happy memories to all the visitors to the Jeffreys Bay Craft Brewery!!

Stockists in and around the country will soon be able to join in on the excitement of the #liquidstoke of JBay CB in 2017… (Click here to sign up as potential stockist) or stay in touch with JBay CB by liking or following us on our social media platforms.